Q: How do I register with the Town that I am disabled to get Emergency Services?

A: Anyone who needs emergency services can do so by dialing 911. 911 does provide a flagging for specific information for a particular address (on a ventilator, for example). This information can be flagged on a specific phone number by contacting the 911 operator in the city or town in which the person lives and give this information to the dispatcher supervisor and they, in turn, provide 911 with the information that is then flagged for that phone number. This information will appear on the screen of the 911 operator when a call is received from that address. The Dispatcher Supervisor for the Andover Public Safety Center can be reached by dialing 978-475-0411 at the beginning of the recorded message, dial 1052. You can also register for the state program, the website address:

Q: Who is the ADA Coordinator in the town?

A:  Janet Nicosia Phone:  (978) -623-8712

E-mail: jnicosia@andoverma.gov

Q: How do I find resource materials that are available?

A: Resource materials are now available on the Internet and in the Town and School libraries. Links to available materials are on this website or can be searched using anyone of the search engines (like Google, Yahoo, or MSN). If you have specific requirements that can not be located call the Andover Commission on Disability chairperson for more information. In keeping with our mission to create an awareness of all disabilities, the Andover Commission on Disability was pleased to be able to provide the funding of books dealing with the subject of disabilities to the Memorial Hall Library and all of Andover’s public schools.

Q: What are the Massachusetts State Agencies and Web Sites dealing with various disabilities that you can contact for help?

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Our Strengths

  • Experience: many years of being disabled and/or working with a disability.
  • Market: Increasing by Aging, Injuries, Family, Friends, Acceptance.
  • Network: Work in industry, support services.
  • Information: Access to resources – literature etc…

What have we done?

  • Assistive listening. Launched at Town Meeting 5/17/22 uses your smartphone

   Now the technology is available in the Town’s Conference Rooms

  • Make Shawsheen River more accessible to people with disabilities:
    • Develop an ADA canoe/kayak boat launch site
    • Collaborate in developing the Shawsheen River Master Plan for people with disabilities
    • ADA additions to master Kiosk signage template for all Conservation Land
  • Accessible Andover segments topics recorded on Andover Cable Access TV
    • The Andover Commission on Disability
    • Assistive listening
    • FREEMASONS’ Hospital Equipment Loan Program (H.E.L.P.)
    • Memorial Hall Library
  • Assisted with the new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan for the schools
  • Reviewed all schools including the new school and Safety Center for ADA conformance
  • Reviewed, prioritized, and advocated for curb cuts and sidewalks for wheelchair access
  • Planned for Americans with Disabilities (ADA) training for town employees
  • Increased collaboration and liaison with the Robb (Senior) Center
  • Built a collaboration with the Massachusetts Office on Disability and increasing our capacity for individual advocacy
  • ADA Monitoring of the Main Street Project
  • ADA Monitoring of the Merrimack Valley Regional Transportation Authority (MVRTA)
  • Sponsored disabled artists at the Andover Artists’ Guild Art Show
  • Initially funded and introduced Project Lifesaver, Lock Box, Kids on the Block, MVRTA Extended Hours, and Senior Center Gardens into Andover
  • Funded Library for materials of interest to people with disabilities
  • Continue Commission member’s ADA training both Basic and Advanced sessions Both were presented by the Mass Office on Disabilities
  • Review Polling Places in town to insure voting accessibility.                                         
  • Provided funding for new accessible polling machines

Who else benefits?

  • Senior Citizens – Mobility Devices: Scooters, Walkers, Canes
  • New parents – Carriages
  • Children – Low phones, Water Fountains
  • Delivery Personnel – Vendors, Movers
  • People with Temporary Physical Disabilities.